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Discover Salep: Natural Emulsifier & Ice-Cream Base

What is salep?

Salep is a 100 % natural food product.
Salep is derived from the tubers of many types of orchids.
These tubers contain a nutritious, starchy polysaccharide (glucomannan) and essential oil. Glucomannan forms a viscous and colloidal solution by swelling in water or milk. It is not sticky like gum. Glucomannan is a natural food additive used as an emulsifier and thickener.  
Salep powder -under the favor of having rich glucomannan- is responsible for the unique textural properties, unique taste, and resistance of dondurma, a stretchable and chewy ice-cream of Turkish origin.  Thanks to the strong characteristics of salep; dondurma can be made by using only milk, sugar, and salep.
Salep is also used for traditional winter beverage is served hot with cinnamon.

What are available?

  • Pure salep powder on sale

  • Private label salep drink powder mix

  • Private label ready-to-use salep drink

  • Private label dondurma (ice-cream with salep) mix

  • Private label ready-to-use dondurma (ice-cream with salep)


Please write to us on to buy salep or make a request for private label.


salep powder
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