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   We present clean label (without E code) and natural colorants which exist color pigments

such as anthocyanin, betanin, and carotenoids. These pigments have many proven benefits to the body.

  • Clean Label Colorants

NO E code

NO artificial ingredients

NO synthetic chemicals

NO preservatives

   The 'clean label' colorants listed below are made of fruits, vegetables, and extracts of edible plants; suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Safflower  (yellow; powder)

Mixed Vegetable Extract (orange; liquid)

Red Yeast Rice Extract (orange to red; powder)

Mixed Vegetable Extract (red; liquid)

Fruit and Vegetable Extract (pinkish-red; liquid)

Fruits and Vegetable Extract (pink; powder)

Vegetable and Plant Extract (violet; liquid, powder)

Spirulina (light blue, greenish-blue; liquid, powder)

Gardenia Flower (dark green to blue; liquid)

Plant Extract (green; liquid, powder)

  • Natural Colorants

  • Turmeric E 100  (bright yellow; liquid, powder; WS*, OS*)

  • Lutein E 161b  (yellow; liquid, powder; WS, OS)

  • Annotto E 160b  (orangish-yellow; liquid, powder; WS, OS)

  • Beta Carotene E 160a  (orange; liquid, powder; WS, OS)

  • Paprika E 160  (reddish-orange; liquid, powder; WS, OS)

  • Red Beet E 162  (pinkish-red; liquid, powder; WS, OS)

  • Black Carrot E 163  (dark red-purple; liquid, powder; WS, OS)

  • Copper Chlorophyllin E 141  (green; liquid, powder; WS)

  • Copper Chlorophyll E 141(i)  (green; liquid; WS)

*WS: water-soluble, OS: oil-soluble

Please contact us for detailed information about the colorants, to get a support for your own process, and to know about artificial colorants.

Halal and Kosher Certified Colorants are in existence.

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