We present clean label (without E code) and natural colorants which exist color pigments such as anthocyanin, betanin, and carotenoids. These pigments have many proven benefits to the body.

  • Clean Label Colorants

NO E code

NO artificial ingredients

NO synthetic chemicals

NO preservatives

   The 'clean label' colorants listed below are made of fruits, vegetables, and extracts of edible plants; suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Safflower  (yellow; powder)

Mixed Vegetable Extract (orange; liquid)

Red Yeast Rice Extract (orange to red; powder)

Mixed Vegetable Extract (red; liquid)

Fruit and Vegetable Extract (pinkish-red; liquid)

Fruits and Vegetable Extract (pink; powder)

Vegetable and Plant Extract (violet; liquid, powder)

Spirulina (light blue, greenish-blue; liquid, powder)

Gardenia Flower (dark green to blue; liquid)

Plant Extract (green; liquid, powder)

  • Natural Colorants

  • Turmeric E 100  (bright yellow; liquid, powder; WS*, OS*)

  • Lutein E 161b  (yellow; liquid, powder; WS, OS)

  • Annotto E 160b  (orangish-yellow; liquid, powder; WS, OS)

  • Beta Carotene E 160a  (orange; liquid, powder; WS, OS)

  • Paprika E 160  (reddish-orange; liquid, powder; WS, OS)

  • Red Beet E 162  (pinkish-red; liquid, powder; WS, OS)

  • Black Carrot E 163  (dark red-purple; liquid, powder; WS, OS)

  • Copper Chlorophyllin E 141  (green; liquid, powder; WS)

  • Copper Chlorophyll E 141(i)  (green; liquid; WS)

*WS: water-soluble, OS: oil-soluble

Please contact us for detailed information about the colorants, to get advice for your own process, and to know about artificial colorants.

Halal and Kosher Certified Colorants are in existed.

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