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Candy from the Jar


Polishing and glazing agents give the product a brighter and more aesthetic appearance. Besides the optical properties, edible coatings and film have functional properties that extend shelf-life. Forming a barrier outside the product maintains moisture and block microbiological activities.

Food grade bee wax, carnauba wax, shellac, and gum arabic are used the purpose of coating and glazing for sugar dragees, chocolate, bonbons, chewing gums, tablets and citrus fruits.

Chocolate-covered products

           1. Solution of shellac (E904)

           2. Solution of shellac (E904-halal)

           3. Solution of gum arabic (E414)

Sugar-covered products

           1. Solution of bee wax, carnauba wax, and shellac

(E901, E903, E904)

           2. Powder, micronized carnauba wax, and bee wax

(E903, E901)

Chewing gum

           1. Powder, micronized carnauba wax, and bee wax

(E903, E901)

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