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Atmar Bio grows paulownia trees in its lands.

What is paulownia?

Paulownia is a popular tree for roadside planting and as an ornamental tree. Paulownia wood is very light, fine-grained, and warp-resistant. It is the fastest-growing hardwood. It is used for chests, boxes, and clogs. Its low silica content reduces dulling of blades, making it a preferred wood for boxes to hold fine Japanese edge tools. The wood is burned to make charcoal for sketching and powder for fireworks, the bark is made into a dye. The silvery-grey wood is sliced into veneers for special visiting cards.
More recently, it is used as body material for low-cost electric guitars and as the core for lightweight touring skis and surfboard cores. It is also used in yacht construction.

Atmar Bio is producer of Paulownia tree and supplier in Europe.

Please contact us for inquiries.

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