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Production Process of Sweet Chili Sauce


Tomato (peeled, chopped, and seeds removed), a sweetener, vinegar, onion, salt, chili pepper, seasonings (mustard powder, clove, garlic, pimento, cinnamon) Preliminary

All ingredients are provided and cleaned.

After acceptance of tomatoes to the facility, cleaning and eliminating rotten parts of tomatoes are done.

!! If the green stalks of tomatoes are not eliminated, chlorophyll turns pheophytins that have a dirty yellow color in the heating process.

Manufacturing Steps

1. Chopped tomatoes and chopped onions are mixed with 1/3 of the total amount of sugar and evaporated until the volume is half. Due to bad sight effects of sugar, totally natural sweetness - ex. monk fruit sweetness – are recommended. In this case, tomatoes and onions should be concentrated directly.

Crushed tomatoes should be heated at a temperature in the range of 65-80 ֯C. Viscosity is low below 65 ֯C. At temperatures above 80 ֯C, darkening is observed due to caramelization.

2. The mixture is flavored near the end of the heat process. There are three ways to spice the mix up.

a.) Chili pepper, clove, garlic, pimento, cinnamon are left in vinegar for 2 hours at a lower temperature from the temperature of boiling. Spiced vinegar is filtered. Filtered vinegar, salt, mustard powder, and leftover sugar or any other sweetness are added to the tomato & onion mix. As a final step, the mix is sent to second evaporation.

b.) The spice mix is put in a bag and dipped into the chopped tomato and onion mix, and they are heat-treated together. Then vinegar, sugar, and salt are added. After a little more thickening the bag is removed from the mixture.

c.) Instead of using powder spices and/or herbs, natural liquid flavors can be used as well. After evaporation of tomato & onion mix, vinegar, salt, sweetness, and natural flavors are added directly. Different kinds of flavor combinations also can be used. For exotic taste, coconut flavor will be suitable for this sauce. For more ideas and information about natural flavors, please visit atmarbio. Natural flavors are derived from natural substances, and they can be declared as "natural flavorings" on the label.

3. The sauce is preferably filled in glass packages and pasteurization is applied at 93 ֯C.

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