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Food Additives & Ingredients

  • What is a food additive?

  • What purpose are the food additives using on?

  • Are the food additives necessary?

  • What are the roles of food additives in food?

  • Can we replace the food additives with another ingredient or additive?

  • Are the food additives harmful to our bodies?

  • What do E codes mean?

  • Are the E codes good or bad?

  • Does the chemical name of one of the food additives mean that it is unhealthy?


Writing on the label all ingredients and additives which are used in the food or beverage is a law. As a consumer, we have right to know what we are consuming. Maybe we don’t care much about that, or maybe we don’t buy anything without checking. Maybe some of us want to understand all the ingredients, but there are many technical names, chemical explanations, etc hard to understand. In this blog post, we will see the categories of food additives. In the upcoming days, I am going to keep posting in #foodadditives to give more detail for each category of the additives. In the end, I hope to help those who want to understand labels. Please let me know if you have questions. Enjoy the post!


Functional classes of food additives used in foods

1. Colorants

2. Sweeteners

3. Antioxidants

Substances extend the shelf life of foods by protecting them against deterioration caused by oxidation, such as rancidity and discoloration of oils.

4. Acids

Acids are used to reduce the pH or to create a sour taste.

5. Acidity regulators

6. Preservatives

7. Anti-caking agents

8. Anti-foam agents

9. Bulking agent

10. Emulsifier

11. Emulsifying salts

12. Firming agent

13. Flavor enhancers

14. Gelling agents

15. Glazing agents, edible coatings

16. Humectants

17. Modified starches

18. Packaging gases

19. Chelating agents

20. Phosphates

21. Stabilizer

22. Flour treatment agent

23. Enzymes

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